Eduardo Sarabia

Los Angeles, USA, 1976

Vive y trabaja en Guadalajara, Mx


Eduardo Sarabia

Carboncillo sobre papel / Charcoal on paper

304.8 x 69 x 61 cm (todo) / 15.5

Eduardo Sarabia’s work has been inspired by the independent economies and folk history of northern Mexico. He frequently works with the materials favored by local craftspeople, using ceramic tiles, hand-woven textiles, and glass to create sculptures and installations that address the complex exchanges—social, cultural, and material—that occur when this region and its history encounters outsiders. Without limiting himself to a critique of the “exoticization” of Mexican culture, Sarabia examines the gap separating definitions of taste (and, more bluntly, of legality). Mixing romantic visual narratives in regards to illegal matter, fine arts and commerce, creating an environment that slips between the oneiric and the openly materialistic, Sarabia’s work takes on an important exploration of understanding the physical and human consequences of economic forces.

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