Javier Fresneda

Sin título (estudio para descarrilamiento I)



Tinta, betún de judea y lápiz sobre mezclilla / Ink, judean bitumen and pencil on denim

80 x 60 cm / 31.5 x 23.5 in

Fotos de obra: cortesía del artista

Javier Fresneda

Javier Fresneda is a Spanish artist based in Mexico.

By combining the allegorical montage of images and materials, Fresneda translates historical narratives as fables in which notions of authenticity and totality are questioned and forced to collapse.

Recent works use sculpture series and installations based on the materialization of gestures and processes taken from digital cultures, the revision of colonial iconographies as historical caricatures, and the conflation of original patrimonial samples with forgeries and anonymous objects.

Lee +

Universidad de California, San Diego

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